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Multiwall Paper Bags
Paper bags are a means of packaging with flexible sides, which are outstandingly suited to packaging of materials in the form of grain and powder.
Features of Paper Bags:

• Are Made in Different Numbers of layers (1 -5)
• From Different Types of Paper Quality
• From PE Tubes and PE FILM
• And From Paper-Polyethylene layers.

Paper Bags:

• Can be made of 60 g/m2 to 90 g/m2 Brown and White Clupack Paper. Base Weights can change per 10g/ m2.
• There is an Opportunity for use of Polyethylene- Laminated Combination layers, when 20 g/m2 Polyethylene is    applied on the given sack paper.
• We use polyethylene tubes of 40 to 120 micron thickness both from linear, and soft, natural-colored,
   Low-Density Polyethylene.
• For packaging materials sensitive to moisture we recommend using a paper/polyethylene combination, and foil   tube or smooth foil layer.
• All bags, depending on size, can be printed with 1-4 colors by flexo print.

There is a Polyethylene/Paper combination layer, as well as smooth foil for every type. We can use Polyethylene tube in the Sewn, Folded-Sewn and propped finish products.

Paper sacks of Hannu Sacks; provide comprehensive and innovative solutions for the needs of all market segments.
The full range of paper sacks products, meet all requirements of the:
Cement Industries
Flour Mills
Food Industry
Building Materials Industry
Animal Food Production units
Chemical Industries
Mineral Industry, etc
The appropriate design and the high quality construction of produced sacks, guarantee the optimal productivity of customers' packing requirements.

We manufacture paper bag made out of international quality Extensible sack Kraft paper.

We manufacture bags of Export worthy and in different configuration as per requirement of the buyer from 1 Kg-50Kg packing. We have the required infrastructures and an expertise of more than a decade.

Our Plant is equipped with the desire machinery to manufacture quality bags.